Two Dumped Islanders Reveal The Truth About Casa Amor

After failing to make it into the main villa, Casa Amor’s Jade Affleck and Jamie McCann have spoken out about which Islanders are playing a game and which Islanders’ relationships are genuine. Jamie and Jade were dumped from the show after they weren’t picked by any of the boys at Friday’s recoupling.

Whilst four of the Casa Amor bombshells made it into the main villa this series, poor Jade Affleck and Jamie McCann didn’t get much of a look-in as they failed to form a connection with any of the boys and were barely even shown on-screen. Now, they’re spilling the beans on what really went down in Casa Amor.

Both Jade and Jamie labelled Natalia Zoppa a game-player, suggesting that her relationship with Luke M – which she has now hastily pulled the brakes on – was never genuine. Confirming fans’ suspicions about Natalia, Jade said

‘I definitely think Natalia's playing a game. If Luke M asked you to cuddle him, you'd cuddle him wouldn't you?’
Meanwhile, Jamie had similar suspicions saying, ‘I don't think Natalia really likes Luke M. She did say she takes time to get to know people. But I think he was really, really trying with her and I don't know if she was giving as much back. But it's really hard to tell. You hope people wouldn't play games.’

Molly and Callum are for real

On the other hand, Jade named Molly Smith and Callum Jones as

‘100 per cent’ the most genuine coupling they saw in Casa Amor – despite the fact that Callum’s betrayal of Shaughna has left viewers raging. According to Jade, Molly and Callum ‘just clicked, straight away’.

Jade even said she hoped Callum and Molly would win the show.

However, Molly seemed to be having doubts about Callum in Sunday night’s episode after a heart-to-heart with scorned Shaughna, who blasted ‘liar’ Callum for ‘selling her a dream’. Molly later admitted in the Beach Hut that ‘alarm bells’ were ringing for her about Callum after Shaughna’s strong words.

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