Too Hot to Handle is back for series 3, meet the cast

Too Hot to Handle, Netflix’s transatlantic answer to Love Island is back for a third series—here’s what you need to know.

While the long, hot summer of Love Island still feels a long way away, telly producers are keeping us entertained with a number of other reality dating offerings while we wait. This week, The Cabins returned to ITV2, and now it’s been revealed that the third season of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle is dropping in just a couple of weeks.

What is Too Hot to Handle?

In case you missed the first two seasons of Too Hot to Handle last year, the basic concept is that a batch of sexy singles are sent to live in a luxury holiday home in an exotic location. So far, so Love Island. The twist is that they must avoid any sexual contact with each other—or risk losing money from the prize pot.

Contestants can be eliminated for either breaking the rules too much or for failing to form any romantic connections. Season 1 saw ten joint winners splitting the $75,000 prize, while season 2’s $55,000 prize went to Parisian Marvin Anthony.

Too Hot to Handle series 3 cast

The first ten contestants for Too Hot To Handle series 3 have already been revealed.

The girls

  • 24-year-old Essex girl and legal secretary Beaux Raymond
  • 23-year-old student/model from Colorado in the US, Holly Scarfone
  • 22-year-old PT from Manchester, Izzy Fairthorne
  • 26-year-old student midwife, from Brisbane, Georgia Hassarati
  • Australia and 25-year-old entrepreneur/model from Virginia, Jazlyn Holloway

The boys

  • 29-year-old tree surgeon from Middlesborough, Harry Johnson
  • 26-year-old model from LA, Stevan Ditter
  • 23-year-old criminology student from Texas, Truth
  • 24-year-old model from Cape Town, NathanSoanMngomezulu
  • 29-year-old model/actor from Hawaii, Patrick Mullen

When does Too Hot To Handle series 3 start?

Too Hot To Handle series 3 is set to drop on Netflix on 19th January.

A new series of Too Hot To Handle is coming to Netflix A new series of Too Hot To Handle is coming to Netflix