This Was The Real Reason Ovie Soko Applied For Love Island This Year

This Was The Real Reason Ovie Soko Applied For Love Island This Year

Ovie Soko won the nation's hearts this summer with his brilliant sense of humour, gentlemanly personality and, obviously, his incredible good looks. But many wondered what a successful pro basketball player was doing on Love Island in the first place. In a new interview with The Guardian, Ovie revealed his motivations.

After entering the villa at the Casa Amor stage, Ovie first got coupled up with Anna Vakili - who inexplicably dumped him to go back to Jordan, which worked out great. It was all good for Ovie though, as, after being in a beautiful platonic couple with Amber Gill, he soon met stunning India Reynolds.

Ovie and India ended up finishing the show in third place, and they're still dating on the outside. Whilst the romance side of things certainly seems to have turned out well for the basketball player, everyone knows that the show doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to finding lasting love. So what was Ovie really looking for when he signed up?

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Apparently, it was a combination of several different things - including encouragement from his brother Raymond (sorry girls, he's already coupled up too - we checked!) who told Ovie he'd be 'sick' on the show.

However, there were also some deeper motivations behind Ovie's decision to sign up for Love Island, after he went through a tough year prior to his application. Take a look at the video above to find out more.

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