This Ready To Mingle star dated Love Island’s Faye Winter

ITV2’s brand-new reality show Ready To Mingle stars one lad who dated 2021 Love Islander Faye Winter.

Now that Love Island is over, a brand-new reality show has appeared on ITV2 to take its place. Ready To Mingle, hosted by comedian Katherine Ryan, kicked off on Monday night at 9pm and is set to air every night—just like Love Island—although you can also binge-watch episodes on the ITV Hub. And one of the stars of the new show has a connection to the villa’s fieriest 2021 Islander, Faye Winter.

Faye’s ex

Electrical engineer Chris Baber, who comes from Newquay revealed that he had a short-lived romance with the Love Island star, saying:

I went on a date with Faye Winter from Love Island. We used to go to school together and then she followed me on Instagram. We went on a date, but we didn’t click.

What is Ready To Mingle?

Ready to Mingle is similar to Love Island in that it’s a dating show in which contestants live in one house together in an attempt to find love and win a cash prize. However, in Ready to Mingle there are 12 lads vying for the affections of one girl—24-year-old Sophia Maria.

While this may sound a bit like The Bachelorette, there’s an even bigger twist as not all the boys are single. Some are in relationships and their girlfriends are secretly in communication with them from the outside to help them win Sophia Maria’s heart—and the cash prize. It’s up to Sophia Maria to work out who’s genuine and who’s just after the money.

Unlike Love Island,Ready to Mingle was pre-recorded, so the winner has already been decided. Funnily enough, the show was filmed in a mansion in Faye Winter’s home county of Devon. It will be interesting to see if Faye has any reaction to a lad she dated being on another reality show...

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