This new Love Island bombshell spells trouble for Chloe

Abigail Rawlings is set to enter the villa tonight—and she’s revealed that she’s after Chloe’s man Toby.

Tonight’s episode of Love Island is set to see not one, not two, but THREE bombshell new arrivals to the villa. There are two new girls—27-year-old Abigail Rawlings and 28-year-old Georgia Townend—and one new guy—26-year-old Tyler Cruickshank. Each of them looks set to seriously stir things up.

Who is Abigail Rawlings?

Abigail is a tattoo artist from Beaconsfield who’s admitted that she’s very rarely single. She has promised to stir things up in the villa and her arrival could spell trouble for original bombshell Chloe—as she’s got her eye firmly on Toby Aromolaran.

In her pre-villa interview, Abigail said:

I really like Toby—I’m going to steal him from Chloe at the first chance I have.

Of course, Abigail may not even get a chance to meet Toby as he’s one of the six Islanders up for being dumped in tonight’s episode. Chloe is at risk of being dumped too so there’s also a chance Toby will be left single before Abigail enters.

However, if Toby leaves or isn’t interested, Faye and Lucinda might want to watch out too—as Abigail also likes the look of Teddy and Aaron. And it doesn’t sound like ‘relationship girl’ Abigail will mind too much about treading on any toes as she’s admitted:

Even if I didn’t go in with the intention of stirring things up, it’ll happen regardless.

What’s Abigail Rawlings’ Instagram handle?

You can find Abigail’s Instagram @abigaillouiserawlings. She regularly posts selfies enjoying life at the seaside in Bournemouth or with her pet dog Zeus. She also has a professional account showcasing her very impressive work as a tattoo artist—@abigaillouisetattoo.

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