This mother-in-law was left shocked after the bride-to-be emerged in a 'vile' see through dress

Say Yes to the Dress has come to Lancashire and one brides risque dress choice went viral after it prompted some harsh words from her future mother in law.

Many girls have grown up dreaming of a beautiful elegant wedding, but after having multiple plastic surgeries done Mel decided she would rather show off the goods.

Mel featured on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress in Lancashire, where Gok Wan gave the bride-to-be a rather non-traditional ensemble to try on after detailing that she wanted a 'sexy' gown:

My wedding dress has to be the sexiest dress ever. That means the more flesh on show the better!

Enthusiastic to put her body on show, Mel wanted a low back, low front, skin-tight dress and Gok Wan had just the thing. A full-length lace gown that was almost completely see-through.

The dressleft absolutely nothing to the imaginationand it was just what Mel was after:

“It’s me, I look at myself in the mirror and I feel proud of myself, I feel proud of my body, proud of what I’ve achieved. This is my story dress!

However, after walking out to show her friends and mother in law Denise, the dress received the complete opposite reaction and Denise did not hold back her disgust:

I’ve got a lot of respect for you Mel and I know you’ve come a long way, but that is definitely a no. It’s not you, darling. It’s making me feel quite ill. I really don’t like it, it’s vile. I can’t see the softer Mel in that. You could maybe wear it to bed or something!”
Denise defitnitely had a different style in mind Say Yes to the Dress
She’s got a beautiful body, but the puppies need to stay in the dress. Classy not trashy!

The brides best friends backed up Denise, claiming that they wouldn't be good friends if they didn't tell the truth but Mel was insistent that the lingerie-esque piece was 'the one':

I'm going to take this where I'm going to go with it.

However, her friends saved her from a complete wedding disasteras luckily, Mel decided to opt for a different look.

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