This is what the 'Teen Wolf' actors are doing today

Teen Wolf is a landmark series for our generation. For six seasons we followed the adventures of Scott, Lydia, and Stiles in the rugged world of werewolves...

The werewolves and other supernatural phenomena at Beacon Hills High School enchanted viewers for six years. And while fans of the series were very sad when it ended, there may be a chance that Scott, Stiles, and all the others will soon be back on our screens.

In October 2020, Dylan O'Brien confided to the Variety Podcast that he wasn't against returning to the cult series that made him famous.

Stiles to me, is just my heart and soul. Obviously I would jump at the chance to do any kind of thing. There’s got to be some kind… I mean, we’ll come back together for something at some point.

But while waiting for this project to come to fruition, let's take a look back at what became of the Teen Wolf actors.

Tyler Posey aka Scott McCall

After playing Scott McCall for six years, Tyler Posey appeared in Jane the Virgin, as well as the Scream series. In 2021, he will be seen in season 3 of Titans.

He recently opened an OnlyFans account. He posts videos and nude photos of himself on it, in an effort to be ‘closer to his fans.’

Holland Roden aka Lydia Martin

After starring in Teen Wolf, Holland Roden has been relatively discreet. She only shot a few episodes of the series. She did, however, star in the horror filmNo Escape and will be in Escape Room 2 in 2021.

When it comes to her private life, she was in a relationship with two of her colleagues from Teen Wolf, Ian Bohen from 2013 to 2014 and Max Carver from 2014 to 2016.

Dylan O'Brien aka Stiles Stilinski

Dylan O'Brien saw his career take off thanks to Teen Wolf. He was most notably in the Maze Runner series alongside Kaya Scodelario. He is now starring in Love and Monsters, and you will be able to see him in 2021 in The Education of Fredrick Fitzell and Infinite, two science fiction films.

Shelley Hennig aka Malia Hale

After playing Malia for six seasons, Shelley Hennig joined the cast of Liberty Crossing in 2018, and in 2019 she was featured in Dollface, a Hulu series. When it comes to films, she starred in Roman J. Israel, Esq. with Denzel Washington.

Dylan Sprayberry aka Liam Dunbar

Dylan Sprayberry has not been involved in many productions since the end of Teen Wolf. He did, however, star in the horror series Light as a Feather on Elle Girl.

Crystal Reed aka Allison Argent

Following the success of Teen Wolf, Crystal Reed continued her acting career. She had a recurring role in the Gotham series, as well as in Swamp Thing. In 2021, she will star in the film Escape the Field.

Linden Ashby aka Noah Stilinski

After playing Sheriff Stilinski for 6 years, Linden Ashby starred in NCIS: New Orleans. In 2020, he directed the TV movie Escaping My Stalker. When it comes to his private life, he has been married to Susan Walters since 1986, his partner in Teen Wolf who plays Lydia's mother.

Tyler Hoechlin aka Derek Hale

Tyler Hoechlin played Derek Hale in Teen Wolf. Since then, he has put on the Superman costume in various series: Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and he will soon be seen in Superman & Lois.

Arden Cho aka Kira Yukimura

Arden Cho did not have an easy role in Teen Wolf, taking Allison's place in Scott's heart. But the reviews of her character were positive, to her great relief. In 2016, however, the production announced that they no longer needed her in the series, so she left the show. She was then seen in the series Tween Fest, Freakish, and Chicago Med. She is in a relationship with Youtuber Nigahiga.

Colton Haynes aka Jackson Whittemore

Since Teen Wolf ended, he starred in the Arrow series, as well as in Scream Queens alongside Emma Roberts, and in the seventh season of American Horror Story. He also appeared in the film Love, Simon. In 2016, he came out in Entertainment Weekly.

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