This Is One Job In TV You Probably Never Thought Of...

The HBO TV channel has created a new job position called an ‘intimacy coordinator’ in order to regulate love scenes in the television shows.

HBO, home of Game of Thrones, True Detective and even Westworld, have proven once again how ground-breaking they are. This time, the television channel and production chain are standing out for creating the job position they are calling an ‘intimacy coordinator’, according to a report from the Rolling Stone. But what does the position entail? They help, advise and protect the actors while they film sex scenes in series on HBO and the role was created to help the actors feel more comfortable during these particular scenes.

HBO has just recruited Alicia Rodis for this position, the founder of the Intimacy Directors International association, whose mission is to regulate how sex scenes are shot and handled on television. This job was created after Emily Meade from The Deuce put in a request for it.

‘I am here to give a voice to actors, especially actors who feel like they don’t have one. […] There is such a power dynamic on sets, so much pressure and this sense that you just suck it up and do it,’ explains Alicia Rodis.

Although this new job didn’t sit well on The Deuce, HBO have confirmed that Alicia Rodis would be on set of other series for this channel to read particular scripts, chat with concerned actors, answer their questions and create links between actors, producers and directors. Is this a job of the future? Alicia Rodis is going to need to come up with some new intimacy coordinators for HBO, before other channels follow suit.

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