This Former Islander Is Still After Demi

Demi Jones may currently be single in the villa after being dumped by Nas Majeed, but one former Islander is very much still interested in pursuing things with her when she eventually leaves the show. Could there be romance on the cards for Demi and Casa Amor’s George Day?

Demi Jones was one of the girls to have her heart broken by Casa Amor this year, as she stayed loyal to Nas Majeed, but he came back into the villa with Eva Zapico on his arm. Despite handling the situation as respectfully as he could, Nas got his comeuppance as he and Eva were voted out of the villa by the public just days later.

Since Nas’ betrayal, Demi has been exploring her options as a single girl in the villa. Earlier this week she shared a kiss with Luke M – and she’s also been getting to know new boy Jamie, although she’s got competition for both lads from Shaughna Phillips – who’s after Luke – and Natalia Zoppa – who’s after Jamie.

Meanwhile, two of the lads who failed to win Demi’s heart away from Nas in Casa Amor have spoken out about what they think of her now. Alexi Eraclides, who got turned down by Demi, says he reckons she had a ‘game plan’ as she had her ‘mind set’ on ‘nation’s sweetheart’ Nas.

However, estate agent George Day, who also tried unsuccessfully to crack on with Demi in Casa Amor, says he respected her loyalties to Nas but is now keen to meet up with her once she leaves the villa. He admitted: ‘I'd never say the door was closed. She is such a fantastic person. Once she's on the outside, I'd really like to go for drinks with her. I hope that's a possibility!’

Whilst Demi did seem to get on well with George whilst he was in the villa, labelling him a ‘smooth talker’, viewers were less than impressed with his chat-up lines, as he told her ‘I’m not going to lie… you are mustard, and I’m having you on toast.’ Will George have improved his chat by the time Demi gets out of the villa?

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