The Cabins 2021: Find out which couples are still together

With the second series currently airing, which couples from The Cabins 2021 are still together over a year on?

The second series of ITV2’s The Cabinshas arrived. And while we're excited to see new romances blossoming, it also got us wondering whether any of the couples formed on last year's show have gone the distance. So which couples from The Cabins 2021 are still together?

Are Charlotte and Sarah still together?

One of the most popular couples formed on last year's series of The Cabins was Charlotte and Sarah. Shortly after their appearance on The Cabins, the otter-loving pair even revealed that they have gotten matching tattoos of a ping-pong ball and a red cup. Another year on and not only are the fan-favourite couple still very much together.

While a glance at Charlotte's Instagram (@charlottetaundry) might lead you to believe they got married, they haven't actually tied the knot yet. They were modelling for a Styled shoot. However, it certainly sounds like wedding bells could be ringing for them in the future.

And Charlotte and Sarah are clearly still big fans of The Cabins, as they posted a selfie this week as they watched series 2 together in matching PJ's. Could they be any more adorable!?

Are any other The Cabins 2021 couples still together?

The only other two The Cabins couples who were officially still together for last series' reunion episode in January 2021 were Nathan and Alex, and Ryan and April. However, they both appear to have since split. Ryan and April even made the big modern relationship step of forming a support bubble so that they could continue to be together during the January 2021 lockdown. But by Valentine's Day, Ryan confirmed he was single and there's no trace of them on each other's Instagrams.

Will this year's series be more successful in forming lasting couples? With a record of just one to beat, surely it's possible!? The Cabinsairs at 9pm weeknights on ITV2, with a 9.30pm episode on Saturday.

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