These are The Cabins couples who are still together

Two months after ITV2’s new reality dating show was filmed, which couples from The Cabins are still together?

These are The Cabins couples who are still together
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The first series of ITV2’s The Cabinsis officially over. Whilst we saw quite a few couples leaving their log cabin together, only a few have stayed together in the two months since the show–which was filmed in November–whilst the rest have fizzled out already. So which couples from The Cabins are still together?

Are Charlotte and Sarah still together?

Everyone was delighted to discover that fan-favourite couple Charlotte and Sarah are still very much together. The otter-loving pair even revealed that they have gotten matching tattoos of a ping-pong ball and a red cup.

After having to keep quiet about their ongoing relationship until the final episode of The Cabins aired on Sunday, Charlotte was delighted to finally be able to make her relationship status public. She posted an adorable selfie of herself and Sarah in the snow.

The only other two The Cabins couples who are still officially together are Nathan and Alex, and Ryan and April. The latter couple have even made the big modern relationship step of forming a support bubble so that they can continue to be together during the current lockdown.

Are Tom and Olivia from The Cabins still together?

Sadly it wasn’t such a happy ending for Tom and Olivia. Although they were the first pair to leave the show as an ‘official couple,’ they both claimed the other ghosted them when they appeared on the reunion show. Previous reports have claimed that Tom actually had a secret girlfriend the whole time he was on the show.