Ross Geller Once Appeared In This Bizarre Sitcom Crossover - But Not Everyone's Happy

Ross from Friends also appeared briefly in sitcom The Single Guy in the ‘90s, and people aren’t pleased with the outcome. Check out the video above to see the bizarre crossover scene for yourself!

Back in the 90’s NBC flirted with the idea of crossing Friends with another sitcom The Single Guy for quite some time. The now-available-online episode may have been considered okay in the ‘90s, but viewers in 2019 aren’t into it. Why? The episode contains a cringe-worthy theme, one which doesn’t work so well anymore.

When Friends appeared on Netflix in 2017, it gained a new life and a large number of new fans. It’s crazy to think that a 25-year-old sitcom continues to gain viewership!

However, some of the younger viewers aren't fond of the homophobic jokes. And even the writers of the popular sitcom agree with some of their comments and critiques.

The writers claim that they would definitely do things differently if they created the show in 2019!

Anyways, the all-too-familiar homophobic theme follows the sitcom crossover where Ross appears in The Single Guy. And some people aren’t too happy about it.

Never knew about it? Don’t worry! We’ll sum up the cringe-worthy—it may not have been considered awkward in the ’90s, but it doesn’t fit in with 2019, that’s for sure—episode in the video above.

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