Phoebe’s triplets are all grown up—here’s what they look like now

Remember when Phoebe Buffay gave birth to triplets in Friends? That was 23 years ago! So where are the triplets now?

The writers of Friends made sure the series’ 100th episode was a memorable one by having Phoebe Buffay give birth to her brother and sister-in-law’s triplets: Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie and Chandler. That episode aired on October 8, 1998—that’s 23 whole years ago. Feel old yet? So what are the actors who played the triplets up to now?

The Cimoch quadruplets

In the episode The One With Joey’s Porsche, the triplets were played by a real-life set of quadruplet babies: Alexandria, Cole, Justin and Paul Cimoch. Alexandria recently went viral on TikTok after revealing the fun fact about her family’s Friends appearance. Admitting she and her brothers had a natural edge over the competition, she revealed:

There were four sets of triplets auditioning and we were the only quadruplets. I would love to say that my brothers and I had a natural talent for baby acting, but the real reason we were chosen is that we were quadruplets. So, if one of us were crying, the other baby could switch in.

Alexandria clearly caught the acting bug after this early experience. She is now studying musical theatre and communication at college and hopes to have a career on the stage - and possibly the screen too.

The older triplets

In later episodes, when the triplets were young kids, they were played by three child actors who weren’t related to each other in real life: Sierra Marcoux, Dante Pastula and Allisyn Ashley Arm. Allisyn seems to be the only one still acting. She now goes by her married name Allisyn Snyder and stars as Heather Wilmore in Seth Myers’ NBC comedy show A.P. Bio.

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