Molly Mae admits lockdown caused her and Tommy’s relationship to hit a rough patch

Molly Mae has candidly admitted that lockdown has caused her and Tommy to hit a bit of a rough patch as the two have been ‘driving each other mad’.

Love Island stars Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have been one of last year’s fan favourites and dare we say, one of our favourite couples of allLove Island history.

The two have emerged strongly together over the last year as despite not winning the show, they have gone on to be one of their season’s only lasting couples.

But, lockdown as forced us all to get intimate with our partners in some rather unpleasant ways and no matter how big your house or apartment may be, it can be hard to get some space...and it looks like Molly Mae can attest to that.

The blonde bombshell has recently posted a video on Youtube explaining that she and Tommy have found this lockdown ‘really, really hard’.

In the clip, she was shown going on a morning walk by herself to get a ‘little bit of space’. She stated:

Just some Thursday morning realness for you all. I am currently out on a walk by myself... This morning, Tommy and I had a row so I have come out on a walk to just basically just have a little bit of space.

Molly Maecontinued to confess that the lockdown had put a strain on their relationship:

I feel like it's good to keep it real with you all and tell you the truth. This lockdown has been really, really, really hard, for me especially. We are both just driving each other mad at the moment with the second lockdown, and it's been announced today that we're still going to be in Tier 3, so no restaurants or anything will be opening.
I just feel like... first lockdown we got through fine, but second lockdown we are literally ready to kill each other.

But, for all those scared for the duo, Molly Maealso put their minds at ease by stating that she wouldn’t have it ‘any other way’:

We are with each other 24/7. I wouldn't have it any other way, he's my best friend and we literally do everything together and we never have any issues really. We are so lucky we are in such a good relationship...But this morning... Ooh, he was testing my patience!

Tommy opens up about having children

Recently the two were asked once again if they were any closer to having children. In an interview with Fabulous, Tommy stated that kids are definitely in the cards, but again, they’re both just 21 and they have a little more living to do first:

Yeah, in the future I definitely want kids and marriage. We are young at 21, so I want to do a bit more travelling and get these titles won and then think about having some children.

Of course, Tommy was referring to his boxing career which is going well so far with 4 wins and no losses.

Molly Mae also previously spoke out on the issue on Youtube saying:

I just feel like when the time is right, we will know. Honestly, if it was up to Tommy, we would have a baby today, tomorrow and the next day. He wants so many kids, I definitely, definitely wants kids soon, but not soon soon.
I don't mind having a child out of wedlock – it doesn't matter to me. We're just so happy and we're so, so excited for the day that it does happen because we just can't wait.

Looks like we’ll definitely be seeing more lavish holidays and boxing titles before anyone announces a pregnancy!

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