Love Islanders are losing thousands of followers after Dubai row

After criticism of influencers flaunting their luxury lifestyles in Dubai during the pandemic, many have lost a large proportion of followers.

Whilst the UK is in yet another lockdown, a number of reality stars and social media influencers have been criticised for not only ‘escaping’ the strict measures by going abroad–many to Dubai—but continuing to post content of their luxury lifestyles online and even choosing this time to tell followers about the ‘struggle’ of being an influencer.

Last week, former Islander Olivia Attwood called on fans to unfollow any influencers whose posts were annoying them, saying:

The way to hurt people is silence… if you're going to send out to a brand that 5000 people have unfollowed you this week, it doesn't look good, does it? So yeah, it makes a big difference.

Love Islanders lose followers

And it looks like fans have been heeding her advice as a number of stars who’ve been posting from Dubai have lost thousands of followers in recent weeks. According to The Sun, Love Island 2018 runner-up Laura Anderson has lost 12,000 followers–despite her insistence that she travelled to Dubai before the new lockdown came into force.

Meanwhile, fellow 2018 Islander Kaz Crossley, who has been in Dubai since October, has reportedly shed 7,000 followers. Anton Danyluk, who was part of the 2019 series of Love Island and was recently joined in Dubai by best mate Joe Garratt and his girlfriend Desiree Schlotz, has apparently lost a whopping 14,000 followers.

What are the coronavirus rules in Dubai?

Most of Dubai is open, with shops, restaurants and tourist attractions all still operating. However, the wearing of masks and keeping a two metre distance is compulsory everywhere outdoors, except when eating, drinking, exercising, in a car with family or when alone. Social gatherings are allowed for up to 30 people in private homes or up to 200 in public venues. However, strict social distancing rules must be complied with.

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