Love Island's Casa Amor sits eerily quiet in preparation for filming to start in Majorca

Usually seen inhabited by frisky Brits looking to find love, pictures have emerged of the villa completely empty and looking like it's ready to welcome guests.

After snaps were taken of the villa just weeks before filming, we couldn't help but notice how incredibly empty and sad the house looked without its usual flock of bronzed-up Brits ready for the romantic adventure of their lives.

An unusually quiet and empty Casa Amor

With just weeks before the hit TV show comes back to our screens, the house was photographed looking eerily deserted but equally as pristine—hinting that contestants might soon be moving in.


No signs of the firepit were visible. The 'second' villa which is known for being the place where a lot of the action goes down did not look like itself without the now-famous brightly coloured beanbags featured throughout past seasons.

The pool, which historically in the show has been very rarely used by contestants, is seen in pictures looking cleaner than clean alongside perfectly-swept surroundings. The front of the house also looked unusually vacant considering how it is the location where many relationship scandals, pranks and generally up-to-no-good shenanigans take place.

Noticeably absent was the 'Casa Amor' title that usually hangs outside the villa used to indicate to viewers which luxury villa they are looking at.

When does Love Island return on screens?

The latest season is set to start airing in beginning of June and will run for eight weeks until August. However, the location of the show has not yet been revealed. In the past, Majorca and South Africa have been the selected locations for filming of the show.

Casa Amor is confirmed for Love Island 2021 Casa Amor is confirmed for Love Island 2021