Love Island: Liberty Poole reveals how to get on the dating show

Applications for Love Island 2022 are now open—so why not pick up some tips from your fave 2021 Islander?

If you fancy getting a spot in the Love Island villa this summer, now is the time to get cracking. Applications have just opened forLove Island 2022—and the competition is set to be tough.

Is it worth applying for Love Island?

Yes, we know, a large percentage of the Islanders get scouted on Instagram—but five of last year’s OG Islanders applied off their own backs. They were Sharon Gaffka, Jake Cornish, Hugo Hammond, Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran. Meanwhile, fan favourite Liberty Poole was DM’ed by a producer on Insta. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t have to go through the application process. She revealed last year:

I did get approached in my DMs, just asking if I would be interested. But I still had to go through the whole application process from start to finish in, there was no shortcut.

Liberty’s Love Island application tips

Liberty took to her Instagram Stories this week to share some pearls of wisdom with any of her followers thinking of applying. She advised her fans:

I think just be yourself. I'm an absolute nutter and they liked it. Also, I think think outside the box. I did like a Periometer because I still worked at Nando's - so it still showed who I was but in a different way. Just like have fun with it. Don't be too serious. I was like glamour queen by night, marketing student by day - and I switched outfits. I was just myself. I think the key thing is to be yourself and just have fun with it.

Sounds like pretty solid advice to us. Get spicy and cheesy!

Love Island: Liberty Poole reveals Love Island 2021 reunion date Love Island: Liberty Poole reveals Love Island 2021 reunion date