Love Island 2021: Fans believe this couple has been having 'secret sex'

Fans are convinced that Kaz and Tyler have already had sex after a conversation she had with Mary hints at the couple's potential frisky encounters.

Last night's episode has gotten fans speculating that Kaz and Tyler might have already graduated!

A potential slip up?

Viewers have jumped to conclusions after a conversation Mary had with Kaz has hinted at the possibility of the latter having already had sex with partner Tyler.

As the two girls were chatting while holding their babies, the topic of whether or not Mary had already had sex in the villa came up. Though she herself declined to ever having gotten busy during her time at the villa with partner Aaron, Kaz did not on the other hand. This has led many to believe she and Tyler have already sex.

Fans on Twitter exploded with questions surrounding whether the couple had indeed graduated or not. One such fan wrote:

Does Mary's statement mean Kaz and Tyler have had sex then?

While a second added:

Wait does this mean Kaz and Tyler have graduated? Hmm.

And another:

Wait so Kaz and Tyler did the deed though?

Kaz denies having had sex

However, the contrary was also explicitly uttered by Kaz herself and those out there who are a little more attentive will remember her mentioning that the couple have yet to go all the way. Before the conversation she had with Mary, Kaz can be seen making similar jokes about being the Virgin Mary when hearing the babies scream from the other room, she said:

I've not even graduated, so I've no idea what that is.

So, what is the truth? Have the two secretly been getting it on or is Kaz really the Virgin Mary she claims to be?

Fans believe there's been a secret feud between these two Love Island bombshells all along Fans believe there's been a secret feud between these two Love Island bombshells all along