Lillie Haynes speaks out about ‘uncomfortable’ Love Island Reunion

Love Island 2021 star Lillie Haynes has admitted she wasn’t keen in the position she was put in for the Love Island Reunion show.

Lillie Haynes speaks out about ‘uncomfortable’ Love Island Reunion
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Liam Reardon kissing Lillie Haynes in Casa Amor was undoubtedly one of the most dramatic moments of Love Island 2021. Although he ultimately chose to remain coupled up with Millie Court, and she forgave him for the momentary head-turn, the Love Island producers couldn’t resist bringing the trio face-to-face at the Love Island Reunion show.

Lillie Haynes on the Love Island Reunion

Now, Casa Amor girl Lillie has admitted that she wasn’t all that happy about it. She told The Sun:

I felt really awkward in the situation. I would have liked Millie and Liam to have their moment together as the winners of the show, and we didn’t get that. It was uncomfortable for all three of us. I would have liked to have seen more of their success and journey through the show, rather than awkward little me sitting there. But it is a TV show, and it’s for the views, and for the entertainment.

Is there bad blood between Millie and Lillie?

It doesn’t sound like it—Lillie seems to be totally behind Millie and Liam as a couple. She revealed that she sent Millie ‘a really nice message’ after her Love Island win and gushed about how ‘gorgeous’ the couple are together. Emphasizing the importance of ‘girls supporting girls,’ she said:

Everyone is there to support one another, we have all been on a journey together, and it would be awful to leave on bad terms with anyone just over something silly, It’s a game show at the end of the day.

Very wise words! We love Lillie’s attitude to the whole situation.