Lewis Capaldi Reveals Someone You Loved Isn’t About Paige Turley After All

Currently the favourite to win this year’s series of Winter Love Island alongside boyfriend Finnley Tapp, Paige Turley’s claim to fame going into the villa was that she was Lewis Capaldi’s ex-girlfriend. But Lewis has now revealed that his hit song Someone You Loved wasn’t about her at all…

Paige Turley may have found love in the Love Island villa with semi-professional footballer Finnley Tapp, but long before that she used to date one of the UK’s most popular pop singers right now, Lewis Capaldi. Paige and Lewis met in college and dated for a year before Paige reportedly cheated on him with his friend.

Paige certainly didn’t shy away from the rumours about her romantic past when she was preparing to enter the villa – speaking about her relationship with Lewis in her introductory VT and even bragging about the fact his hit single Someone You Loved was supposedly written about her, saying: ‘One of my ex boyfriends is Lewis Capaldi. According to the papers his song Someone You Loved was about me. Lewis, I'm so sorry I must have been a b***h to you.’

However, in a revelation that will be seriously embarrassing for Paige, Lewis Capaldi has now confirmed that the song was actually written about his dead grandmother. He told V Music Australia: ‘The song is not about a lady who I was in a romantic relationship with, it's about my grandmother, who is dead. F**k.’

Lewis revealed that the inspiration for the song came after his grandmother had sadly passed away from cancer. With his typical dark humour, he said: ‘I was like: "I've got this but I can't write another heartbreak ballad." And as fortune had it, my gran had just died. As luck would have it, they said "Have you lost anybody?", and I says "Just the ticket, my gran's dead!"'

Supportive ex

Lewis previously joked that Paige owes her place on the show to him, demanding a cut of the prize if she wins, saying: ‘The prize is like £50,000 and I'll be like ¨Well, listen. They asked you to go on it right I'm not saying I'm the reason but also… slide me two grand¨. She never told me she was going on it. That would have been a nice heads up. But fair play and good luck to her.’

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