Laura Whitmore hits back at Love Island Reunion backlash

Love Island host Laura Whitmore has taken to her Instagram story to respond to backlash over questions she asked Islanders on Sunday’s show.

The Love Island Reunion 2021 has now been and gone—and for many fans the show fell a bit flat. Many fans were left disappointed that Kaz and Tyler were the only finalists who didn’t get an individual sofa interview, while others weren’t happy about some ‘invasive’ questions host Laura Whitmore asked the Islanders.

Love Island reunion criticism

One of the criticisms was over Laura’s questioning of Lillie Haynes as she asked her what was going on between her and England football star Jack Grealish. It was reported in the MailOnline that the footballer had liked a series of her bikini pics on Insta then ‘unliked’ them soon after. Jack is in a relationship with his childhood sweetheart model Sasha Attwood.

Taking to her Instagram story, Laura shared a screenshot of a message she’d received, which read:

If you’re going to ask people invasive questions based off tabloid stories because it’s your job... remember that when you name and shame other journalists who ask you the same questions because they’re too, doing their job.

Laura’s response

Her response was:

I insist everyone sees the questions before they go on air and are ok with it. I believe in choice, so nothing is ever asked without permission... that is the difference!

She also captioned the story:

Consent is an important word that can become blurred. Everyone has a choice and everyone has a right to make their own decisions.

Back in May, Laura divided fans by publicly naming and shaming an Irish Mail On Sunday journalist who had asked her for a comment on a story she was writing about Laura’s baby’s name. While some felt she was right to defend her child’s privacy, others felt she had gone too far by calling the journalist ‘vile’ on Twitter when she was just doing her job.

Love Island’s Laura Whitmore hits back at claims she’s absent from the show Love Island’s Laura Whitmore hits back at claims she’s absent from the show