Georgia Harrison Shows Off Her New Look After Breast Augmentation

Love Island season 3 star Georgia Harrison has taken to Instagram to reveal her newly-augmented chest. The 25-year-old reality star had surgery to take her from a 32C to a 32B cup over the summer. She also opened up about her reasons behind having the procedure earlier this month.

Georgia posted a topless photo showing off the results of her breast augmentation to her main Instagram feed, captioning the snap:

She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear. - Atticus.

The post has already amassed 22,740 likes from her million followers.

She later shared another topless video to her feed captioned ‘Its time to wake up 👽🦋🪐’ and covering her newly-augmented C-cups. Earlier this month, Georgia opened up about the procedure that she had over the summer to Closer magazine, saying she now feels ‘more confident in [her]self.’

She told the magazine:

I only went up a cup size, so it’s subtle, and my boobs still look in proportion with the rest of my body. I did it for myself and the main reason was to have more confidence naked. I’m not seeing anyone right now, but I’ll be much more confident in the bedroom with a man now I’ve had surgery.

Georgia admitted that she had been considering a breast enhancement procedure for years but she wanted to take the time to do her research and didn’t want to rush things and go under the knife too young. She told Closer:

I wanted to wait until I was older and my body stopped growing.

Whilst UK viewers know Georgia best from her appearance on Love Island back in 2017, she has also made a name for herself Stateside by appearing in reality game show The Challenge. The Essex girl, who worked as a PA before finding fame, has also been on The Only Way is Essex and Ex On The Beach.

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