Finn Confirms Marriage to Paige Is ‘Definitely’ on the Cards
Finn Confirms Marriage to Paige Is ‘Definitely’ on the Cards
Finn Confirms Marriage to Paige Is ‘Definitely’ on the Cards
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Finn Confirms Marriage to Paige Is ‘Definitely’ on the Cards

Finley Tapp has confirmed that both he and Paige ‘definitely’ want to get married, and has hinted about his plans for a proposal.

Whilst Paige and Finnhave barely been together a year, Finn reckons the unusual start to their relationship and the year spent under coronavirus restrictions have ‘accelerated’ their relationship. He told The Mirror:

Spending 24/7 with each other is all we've ever known… We're used to waking up together, going to sleep together, eating together.

Finn and Paige engagement

Having moved in together earlier this year, Finn also hinted that they could be looking at taking thenext big step in their relationship soon, saying: 'With the sort of situation we've been in, our relationship has been accelerating from day one. We're now starting to think about what's next for us.' However, Finn won’t be rushing into a proposal. He said:

Marriage is definitely something we want to do and I guess it's just down to me now to pull my finger out. I think it takes a lot of planning and I'm not the most organised person so it will take me quite a while to think about how I'm going to do this.

Which other Winter Love Island couples are still together?

Whilst it’s still relatively early days, Winter Love Islandseems to have been more successful at creating lasting couples than any of the previous summer series. Whether that’s down to the bizarre conditions the couples all found themselves in during 2020 or because the Love Island producers have gotten better at matchmaking, we couldn’t say.

Whilst there have been somedramatic break-ups and other couplings that just fizzled out, five couples formed on the show are still going strong as of December 2020. They are: winners Paige and Finn, runners-up Siânnise and Luke T, Priscilla and Mike, Molly and Callum, and Nas and Eva.

By Johanna Garner

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