Fight Video Of Love Island's Anna Emerges Online, She Responds

Love Island 2019 star Anna Vakili has been forced to defend herself after a video of her involved in a fight between herself, her sister and her cousin and another group in London’s Hyde Park emerged online. Anna says that she and her family were attacked and were acting in self-defence.

Anna Vakili has posted an extensive statement defending herself after footage of herself, her sister Mandi and her cousin involved in a fight with a group of teenage girls was posted on Instagram. Anna took to her Instagram stories to give her version of events, insisting that she and her family were acting in self-defence.

She wrote:

Yesterday I was having a picnic in the park with my sister, boyfriend and cousin when we were subjected to continuous verbal abuse from a group who came near us who were doing drugs. Wanting to remove ourselves away from them we packed up to leave they came over swung at my cousin and threw her by her hair leaving her bleeding.

Anna continued:

Out of self defence we had to get them off of her and leave. There was a large group of them and not many of us.These are not ‘innocent children’ the guys with them kept shouting they have a gun, and they tried to steal my sister’s phone. I have never had a physical fight in my life!! The violent attack has been reported to the police.

Anna’s sister Mandi also took to her Instagram stories to show the injuries she sustained during the altercation, which included cuts to her forehead. She wrote:

This is what she did to me a second before I kicked her and not to mention my cousins face was pouring with blood from her nose. She was a ¨16 year old¨ ANIMAL. People will do anything to villanise us because @annavakili_ is a public figure. It’s not fair.

Meanwhile, Anna’s spokesperson told The Sun:

Anna and Mandi Vakili and others in their group were involved in an unprovoked violent and verbal attack on Monday in Hyde Park which included Mandi and their cousin being hit and punched and the group of attackers attempting to steal their belongings. The very serious matter is now being dealt with the police as they were threatened with illegal weapons during the attack.
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