Fans believe there's been a secret feud between these two Love Island bombshells all along

Fans are convinced that Monday night's dumping has revealed the secret feud between these two female contestants of the show.

Monday night's dramatic episode has gotten Love Island fans saying that there has been a secret feud between two of the female contestants following the latest couple to be axed from the villa.

A telling smirk

ITV2 viewers watched as hunky model Brett Staniland and future-doctor Priya Gopaldas were dumped from the villa after being voted the least compatible couple by fellow islanders. But what caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans most was the way in which Chloe Burrows delivered the brutal news.

According to them, it seems Burrows was a little too chipper when she announced that Brett and Priya would be leaving, with one viewer saying:

Chloe was happy to announce Priya & Brett.

While another added:

The way Chloe read Priya and Brent with so much joy

Finally third saying:

Chloe did not sound upset to read out Priya and Brett looool.

Is there a chance at love for Brett and Priya?

Following the dumping, Brett and Priya both had the chance to express their feelings towards the entire experience and what they thought the future held for the couple. During his exit interview, Brett hopefully said:

I would love to keep getting to know her and date her properly, but equally I’d need a different dynamic. I’d need more from her, I need effort from her.

And added:

I want her to plan stuff. Even just a simple thing like a run and coffee date. Just so it feels that reassurance that she also wants to be there and do stuff with me.

While Priya's expectations were a little less romantic, saying:

I don’t think there is anything romantic there. But I know for certain there will be a friendship.
Love Island 2021: Fans believe this couple has been having 'secret sex' Love Island 2021: Fans believe this couple has been having 'secret sex'