Do You Remember The Handsome Tom Selleck? Here’s What He’s Been Up To Recently!

We always like hearing about what our childhood actors and actresses have been up to. Do you remember the series MagnumP.I.? Here is what Tom Selleck with his famous moustache and his flowery shirts has been up to since then!

His face probably rings a few bells. With his thick moustache, flowery shirts and big sedans… It has to be Tom Selleck from the series Magnum P.I. But what has he been up to recently? As you’ll see, he hasn’t given up on acting.

He became very famous because of the Magnum P.I. series

Tom Selleck was born in 1945 and took theatre classes at school. He experienced his first wave of popularity in the 1970s, in The Young and the Restless. He has also been known to play minor roles in Charlie’s Angels or in films such as Midway. But in 1980, he landed the role in Magnum P.I. that shot him into stardom.

What has he been up to since then?

After Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck appeared in several American TV films and so didn’t disappear from our TV screens. He received parts in the series The Closer and even Friends and his role in the series Las Vegas put him back in centre stage. As well as his life as an actor, Tom Selleck is also involved in politics and supported McCain’s candidacy in 2008.

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