Clarisse Juliette says she’ll never see Tyler again

Casa Amor girl Clarisse Juliette was one of four Islanders dumped last night. After leaving the villa, she’s slammed Tyler for the way he treated her.

Love Island 2021 has got seriously messy since Casa Amor came into play. While a lot of the boys were moving mad in the second villa—most seem to have now gone back to their original couplings—including Tyler and Kaz, who had recoupled with Clarisse and Matthew respectively. Now, Clarisse has been dumped from the villa.

Clarisse on Tyler

While Clarisse and Tyler were in a couple when she was dumped, she’s revealed they didn’t even speak to each other before she left the villa. When asked if they would meet up after the show, she said:

I can’t imagine seeing him, no. I didn’t say bye to him. There’s nothing he can say to me really.

She continued:

In the real world and without even trying to sound petty or anything, I know that he would have been with me. I can see how comfortable he was with me, it was just natural. I feel like he is a bit fake. I am a bit disappointed in him really.

What’s next for Kaz and Tyler?

Kaz and Tyler now seem almost certain to recouple at the next opportunity, as Tyler is now single. Although Kaz is still officially in a couple with Matthew, he told her their relationship was ‘over’ as soon as the dumping was done, after the girls saved Tyler so he could pursue his relationship with Kaz.

While Kaz has been a fan favourite throughout the series, some fans—including former Love Island winner Amber Gill—have now been calling her out for being ‘hypocritical’ and wanting 100% from both Matthew and Tyler while not committing to either boy herself.

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