Casa Amor’s Molly Looks Totally Different In Throwback Pics

25-year-old model Molly Smith has made huge waves in the villa as she coupled up with Callum Jones in Casa Amor, leaving fan favourite Shaughna single and totally mugged off. Whilst there’s no denying Molly’s stunning natural beauty, throwback photos from a few years ago reveal she had a very different look…

The villa has been a tense place since scaffolder Callum Jones returned to the main villa with new girl Molly on his arm – leaving Shaughna standing alone at the firepit. Poor Callum has now been facing the wrath of fans after he fell head over heels for blonde bombshell Molly in Casa Amor.

Meanwhile, Molly herself seems to be having some second thoughts about Callum, as Sunday night’s episode saw her having a heart-to-heart with scorned Shaughna who blasted Callum as a ‘liar’. Following the chat, Molly admitted in the Beach Hut that ‘alarm bells’ were ringing and that she’d be ‘wary’ of Callum betraying her in turn.

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Who is Molly Smith?

Manchester girl Molly already had a healthy Instagram following prior to her Love Island appearance.She’s got several years’ experience as a professional model under her belt, having modelled for top brands including Nike and Zara, as well as several lingerie companies.

However, whilst all Molly’s most recent Insta posts are perfectly glamorous shots, a long scroll back through her page takes us to some very different looks for Molly before she started working as a model. Whilst Molly was clearly always gorgeous, the snaps prove her look has changed dramatically in recent years.

One hilarious old pic shows a teenaged Molly pulling a funny face with a friend whilst in the car and more throwbacks show Molly on a trip to New York with her brother and on a night out with a darker hair colour. Meanwhile, there’s also a hint that Molly’s head could be turned for Luke M – who’s been pied by Natalia – as her oldest Insta post is captioned ‘I’m a belieber’…

Love Island Hottie Shaughna Looks Totally Different In Throwback Snap Love Island Hottie Shaughna Looks Totally Different In Throwback Snap