Bridgerton: How are the sex scenes shot?

Are you a fan of this new Netflix series? We give you the 'undercover' side of the sex scenes!

Every day, Netflix amazes us a little more... Indeed, when it comes to the platform's programming, the month of December turned out to be rather generous.

Among the novelties, you can find for example Tiny Pretty Things, Alice in Borderland, Ava, or even Death to 2020, a satirical mockumentary retracing the 'improbable' year we all went through. But these aren't the only hits of December.

Netflix is getting some real success with its brand new show called: Bridgerton. It's a British historical program (The Crownfans, knock yourselves out!) created by Shonda Rhimes and based on Julia Quinn's book series.

A 'no filter' show

While some shows turn out to be shy with the privacy of their protagonists, such is not the case with Bridgerton... As early as the sixth episode, the show pulls you in bed with the characters... and to say the least, many are the characters who find themselves in their birthday suit.

In order to shoot these 'muy caliente' scenes, the show's team brought on Lizzie Talbot, intimacy coordinator and expert in such matters. Because yes: pretending to make love for the camera is no simple thing! And there's nothing like an expert's opinion to excel in this field.

During an interview for the CNN channel, Lizzie Talbot opened up about the backstage of her profession:

One of the misconceptions is that because many people have experienced intimacy in their personal lives, it's assumed that you can replicate it for audience, which are two very different things.
If there's anything where at any point anyone's like, 'Oh, you know, I don't want to do this,' they never will. And it's also my job to step in front of any director or producer and be like, 'Hey, you know, like they're not comfortable with this.'

Exceptional listening skills

During a second interview for Vulture, Lizzie Talbot explains that listening skills are an essential quality to best guide the actors:

I ask them: 'What are you comfortable showing, and what are you not comfortable showing?' What positions are you comfortable being in? Not everyone is comfortable being in every single position, even though they are performing a simulation.

Head to our video at the top of the article to see some pictures from the new show!

Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey reveals how sex scenes look so realistic Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey reveals how sex scenes look so realistic