Amber Gill Slams ‘Pathetic’ Ex Greg O’Shea For Shady New Tweet
Amber Gill Slams ‘Pathetic’ Ex Greg O’Shea For Shady New Tweet
Amber Gill Slams ‘Pathetic’ Ex Greg O’Shea For Shady New Tweet
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Amber Gill Slams ‘Pathetic’ Ex Greg O’Shea For Shady New Tweet

Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gill has hit back at her villa ex Greg O’Shea after he shaded her on Twitter. The former couple have been split for almost a year but it seems there's still some bad blood between them as Amber branded him 'pathetic' in response to a fan on TikTok.

Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea had the shortest relationship in the history of Love Island winners - breaking up over text barely more than a month after leaving the villa. But whilst it's now been nearly a year since they ended things, it seems neither of them are totally over it yet.

Last week, Amber tweeted: ‘can you believe its been one whole year since I won Love Island’ - conveniently leaving out the fact that she actually shared the crown with Greg. Not one to let things lie, Greg tweeted back a simple ‘Congrats.’ - which many of Amber’s fans took to be shade.

Amber didn’t dignify Greg’s tweet with a direct response but wrote this indirect tweet the next day:

When people are unhappy within themselves they interpret everything as bitter and shade throwing. Let them misinterpret they cannot comprehend someone being unproblematic and unbothered. We don't need any more negativity in 2020 let them be on their b*****it.

OK, so that wasn’t necessarily about Greg - but she did let slip her true feelings about Greg’s Tweet in response to a TikTok comment. One of Amber’s fans wrote: ‘negl tho but it was ac gas when Greg replied to ur tweet ahahaha yup gregor’ - to which Amber responded 'Is gas pathetic? Cos yeah same xx'.

Whilst she didn't find lasting love in the villa - Amber has been one of the show’s most successful Islanders ever. She nabbed herself a £1 million fashion deal with Miss Pap last year and has over 2.8 million Instagram followers. She's also used her platform for good promoting the Black Lives Matter movement.

By Kim Scott

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