93-Year-Old June Brown Quits EastEnders In Sensational Style

After almost 35 years playing Walford legend Dot Cotton, 93-year-old June Brown has stepped down from her EastEnders role - but she's not gone quietly. Raging about her lack of interesting storylines, the veteran actress quit via a filthy limerick in a podcast interview - before telling the EastEnders producers!

Whilst we've always known the day would come at some point, we can't quite believe we've really seen the last of Dot Cotton. But actress June Brown, who plays everyone's favourite chain-smoking, Bible-quoting grandma has revealed that she will not return to EastEnders.

The news, which June revealed in an interview on the podcast Distinct Nostalgia, is said to have come as a shock to the BBC soap's producers, who apparently had no idea that June was not planning to return. On-screen, Dot is supposed to be in Ireland visiting her grandson Charlie after Sonia Fowler betrayed her by stealing from her. Her granddaughter Dotty Cotton has also recently returned to the Square, now played by Milly Zero.

But June was apparently dissatisfied with the storylines she'd been getting recently - and has therefore decided that Dot won't come back from her extended trip. She said:

'I don’t want a retainer for EastEnders, I’ve left. I’ve left for good. I've sent her off to Ireland where she’ll stay. I’ve left EastEnders.'

She continued:

'I did make up a limerick. It’s a bit dirty.
I went back to do a good story. Alas and alack, when I got back it had gone up in smoke. I got a small part, a very small part. And that ended up as a big wet fart. Alas and alack, I will never go back.'

Despite this cheeky exit, June also revealed that she feels sad to have left her character behind. She admitted:

'I was feeling down a few days ago. I thought, ‘What’s the matter? Why do I feel so sad?’ It’s almost as if I’ve been bereaved.'

June, you'll be missed!

'I'm Going To Die Of Something Fairly Soon': EastEnders Legend June Brown Opens Up 'I'm Going To Die Of Something Fairly Soon': EastEnders Legend June Brown Opens Up