5 Strong Female Cartoon Characters That Set A Great Example For Young Girls

5 Strong Female Cartoon Characters That Set A Great Example For Young Girls

Cartoons from our childhoods are mostly full of men rather than women, so it’s difficult for young girls to identify with the characters they see. However, there are a few strong female characters that stand out among the rest.


Although Keira Knightley refuses to show Disney films to her daughter, we bet that Mulan is an exception. She disguises herself as a man to fight for what she believes in, defying all the rules put in place by a society ruled by men, and she isn’t looking for love or her prince charming to come save her. In short, Mulan is a badass that we love.

The Powerpuff Girls

The three Powerpuff Girls have everything you need. They are strong, unbeatable, united and don’t need anyone else. It was so easy to identify with them, that even young boys wanted to join their group.


Lisa from the Simpsons is all the proof you need. She calls herself a feminist, repeatedly acts as the ‘boss of the family’ instead of her neglectful father and is brave in every situation. She doesn’t hesitate to let people know when she’s unhappy about sexism and constantly works to better the position of women in the world. It must be said that the series is often ahead of its time, and even manages to predict the future.

Princess Mononoke

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The entire film is a symbol of the struggle to defend nature. The genius director, Hayao Miyasaki, uses Mononoke as an embodiment of tolerance, respect for the planet, strength of spirit and courage. The princess represents everything that the human race should be.

Nana Osaki

In the 2000s, Nana was a true icon in the world of manga. She refused to be someone’s ‘wife’ or ‘girlfriend’, created her music group and competed with her lover. Refusing the darkness and loving the spotlight, Nana showed off her independence around men and her feminine spirit that doesn’t follow the rules.

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