21 Kids And Counting Viewers Shocked As Mum Sue Reveals She First Got Pregnant At 13 - When Her Partner Was 18

The Radford family have become pretty well-known in the UK thanks to their ever-expanding family which has been the subject of a series of Channel 4 documentaries. The latest installment - 21 Kids And Counting - was overshadowed for many viewers by matriarch Sue's revelation that she conceived the couple's eldest son Chris when she was aged just 13 years old - and her now-husband Noel was 18.

The Radford family are no strangers to controversy. Ever since their first documentary, 15 Kids And Counting, aired back in 2012, they have been subject to criticisms from the British public - with many suggesting that having such a large family is irresponsible.

Nevertheless, the Radfords have succeeded in winning many people over through their documentaries, Instagram and YouTube channel as they insist that they provide for the children entirely themselves without relying on benefits. They claim to spend a total of £30,000 per year on their enormous brood - which welcomed its newest member and Sue and Noel's 21st child, Bonnie Raye, in November 2018. This includes £150-£200 on Christmas presents per child each year and an annual family holiday abroad.

However, this year the greatest controversy didn't stem from the size of the Radfords' family but from the revelation that Sue became pregnant with oldest son Chris at the age of just 13 - when now-husband Noel was a grown man of 18. Viewers were quick to comment on the shocking admission, branding it 'creepy' and 'disgusting'.

Check out the video above for more on the Radfords and their latest controversy...

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