You Can Really Walk Across This Fantastical Golden Bridge Held Up By Two Enormous Hands

A golden bridge held up by two gigantic stone hands – it could be the set for a heroic fantasy film, but Cau Vang really does exist.

Cau Vang, ‘the golden bridge’ in Vietnamese, has been open to the public since June 2018. 492 feet long, perched 4600 feet off the ground, it has specifications which are dizzying in themselves. But the real ‘wow factor’ of this work are the two gigantic stone hands which support the immense bridge.

TA Landscape Architecture, the company behind the project, explained the most incredible feature of this structure: ‘First we designed the skeleton of the two hands, then we covered them with steel meshes.’

The longest cable-car for the most groundbreaking bridge

What is striking at Ba Na Hills is the complete transformation of the landscape and the breathtaking view onto a mountainous stretch of coast. And what better way to get there than taking the longest cable-car in the world! Built in 2009, it spans a distance of 3.6 miles, covering a 4600-foot altitude. And that in itself is worth the detour.

Beware though, the place has become very (very!) popular and you can quickly find yourself lodged like a sardine in a can as you traverse the 3.6 miles of Cau Vang.

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