Harry Potter fans can win a stay in this Hagrid’s Hut themed cottage for just £2

This new holiday cottage in the north of England is an incredible replica of Hagrid's hut—and it's a Potter fan's dream.

A cottage is in North Shire that is Harry Potter themed has enrolled an exciting offer for Harry Potter fans. For just £2, Harry Potter fans can stay in a Hagrid's Hut-themed house for two nights. Winners of the competition will be treated to a fantastic stay at this unique holiday home that resembles Hagrid's Hut. The original cost of the cottage is £495 for two nights.

North Shire is a story-themed vacation park near Saltburn in the North York Moors National Park. This is where the gorgeous holiday home is located. The Groundkeeper's Cottage is eerily similar to Hagrid’s Hut in the Harry Potter movies. With its stone fireplace, stained-glass windows, and copper roll-top bath, the place is a dream come true for any Potter fan.


The competition

According to YorkshireLive, the hut's owner has launched a lottery to win a night in the hut. The Draw will take place on October 31. The chosen winners will be able to book any available dates in the cottage, which sleeps six and is ideal for Harry Potter enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter. During their stay, the winners will also get a luxurious gift full of culinary delights.

The owner of the North Shire, Carol Cavendish, explained the reason behind the competition and said,

We decided to run the competition this October because it has been a challenging enough year for people to find and book suitable accommodation and we wanted to offer a family or group of six the opportunity for a bit of escapism by stepping into Harry Potter’s world!
Most of the money raised through the competition will be donated to a local charity, Zoe’s Place children’s hospice in Middlesbrough.

Insight into the holiday home

The Groundkeeper's cottage looks very similar to Hagrid’s Hut from the outside. With its turreted roof crowning the stone walls and stained-glass windows, it fits the perfect J K Rowling description of the place. However, the interior is much more luxurious, with comfy sofas and beds, a glamorous roll-top bath, an open fireplace, and wooden beams festooned with Hagrid-style memorabilia.


The fun fact is that the North Yorkshire Moors Railway station and steam train were actually featured in the first film in the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. Moreover, the visitors can continue their Harry Potter journey at nearby Goathland.

Harry Potter fans can win a stay in this Hagrid’s Hut themed cottage for just £2 Harry Potter fans can win a stay in this Hagrid’s Hut themed cottage for just £2