Travelling In A Relationship Is What your Love Life Needs

Travelling In A Relationship Is What your Love Life Needs

Pleasure and travel are a power combination, and sometimes there’s nothing like a romantic trip away. And if you’re not sure about travelling as a couple, you should know that it could spice up your love life…

If you’re still searching for another reason to take a weekend/mini break with your partner, here’s a good one! According to research carried out by U.S. Travel, couples who travel together are more active in the bedroom.

It’s what science tells us!

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In the video above, you will be able to find the results of this research in detail. The main reason for the amped up readiness to get a little hot and heavy when on holiday is simple… Most couples ordinarily feel they don’t have the time – or they have less of it – to get it on because they have very busy lives (odd working hours, general fatigue, children, etc.). However, when on holiday, you can let go, forget about all your daily worries and can focus on your relationship and your partner’s needs. What’s more, experiencing new things really increases your desire, so a small romantic weekend is THE solution to bring back the magic – a lot more than buying them a present or taking them to a restaurant… Be more creative!

This new reason to travel with your other half is amazing, so don’t hold back and go check out those travel sites, your perfect holiday could be right around the corner!

Anna Wilkins
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