This Youtuber Fakes Bali Vacations With Snaps From Ikea

This YouTuber has fooled everyone with a fake trip to Bali and delivers a powerful message: 'Don't trust everything you see on the internet.'

Natalia Taylor is a younger influencer with more than 310k followers on Instagram. Last week, she duped her followers to believe she was on vacation in Bali. She posted several pictures from her luxurious hotel room, tagging the locations and captioning them as she has just arrived on the island.

But she wasn't! The first images she posted captioned "The queen has arrived #bali"; showed the beauty in a hot pink dress in a supposedly luxurious room in an... Ikea!

She didn't post any pictures of Bali itself, this alone should have been raising some red flags. The perfectly set up pictures looked so real that no one doubted that she actually was in Indonesia. Expect she was actually in the Swedish retail store. The Instagram bombshell, along with a friend has staged the entire tale in the store's installations.

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Tea isn’t the only thing I drink.. 😉🥂

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Natalia then posted a video on her Youtube account revealing the fraud, she revealed the backstage of her shooting in Ikea's showrooms.

'I got dressed up (with) hair, makeup, wardrobe, everything, and called over my trusted photographer … we're going to go in Ikea together and see how many pictures we can take in the little furniture displays either before we get kicked out or before things get a little too awkward for our own good,' she said.

She also revealed something we all missed in the picture and that makes us look even more like fools, we can actually see one the item's price tag, that is very representative of Ikea stores.

'No one is questioning it at all. Everyone believes I'm in Bali right now,'

Well done Natalia, you got us!

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