This Travel Agency Offers 'Instagram Boyfriends' For Hire So You Can Keep Your 'Gram In Check Next Holiday

Do you get tired of being single whenever holiday season approaches? Thanks to Roma Experience, a popular travel agency you can now rent out your very own 'Instagram boyfriend' next time you visit the Italian capital of Rome.

Instagram brings about the craziest of ideas, doesn't it? The latest is unusual to say the least, but the masterminds behind the idea certainly believe in its services when it comes to the art behind 'instagrammability'.

Italian travel agency, Roma Experience created the 'Instagram Boyfriend' as part of a package deal which allows you to experiece the beauty of the Italian capital in a day. The goal? To rent out an insta-beau who will take as many Insta-worthy snaps as possible before the lot make their way onto your social media, which will, of course, work to bump up your overall instagrammability.

Love at first sight in Rome

As you can imagine, the 'Instagram Boyfriend' is not free - and he certainly ain't cheap, either. You can subscribe to a special package for single tourists, called 'Rome In One Day' costing €735 - which roughly adds to a hefty £645 for a day visit - or as much as €1085 (£951) including extras, such as the discovery of Rome, its culture, tghe inevitable 'couple selfies' in front of the famous monuments among other things to discover. A small novelty so that you can spend a holiday like no other - and, of course, your Insta would thank you for it.

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