This Stunning Restaurant Has A Ceiling Like No Other

This Stunning Restaurant Has A Ceiling Like No Other

The ceiling in this Greek restaurant is absolutely stunning - and seriously Instagram-worthy.

The restaurant, Le Barbouni, overlooks the beach of Romanos in Costa Navarino in Greece. Its roof is made of sails of several sizes, and moves with the wind. This creates an optical illusion, giving the impression that the restless ocean is above our heads.

The restaurant was designed by K-Studio, based in Athens. They have designed the sheet so that they attach to the ceiling. This means it filters the light and lets it be influenced by the wind. Thus, the shadows and the play of light change during the day, according to the position of the sun.

This movement of the ceiling gives an impression that the restaurant breathes. Levanterman, a photographer on Instagram, posted a video of this roof and it met with real success. For him it was a very relaxing moment.

Sophie West
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