This Is The World's Most Beautiful Lake

Northeast of Palawan Province is the Calamian Islands archipelago in the Philippines. It is made up of the Busuanga Islands, Culion, Sangat and Coron. The latter is known to house beautiful lakes, including Kayangan.

According to Filipinos, Kayangan is the most beautiful of the 7,000 lakes on their territory! If someday you want to discover this magical place, which hasn't been altered by Man, you will have to go there by boat, the island having no airport. And speaking of boats, you will likely see a lot of them in the area, if you go underwater. In fact, the Calamian Islands are home to a huge cemetery of Japanese ships sunken by the US Navy during World War II.

Nevertheless, Coron Island is worth seeing for its natural wonders. Surrounded by green cliffs, Kayangan Lake is known as one of the best diving lakes in the world! Its clear water offers an exceptional view to divers. This idyllic place is perfectly preserved, so go in the spirit of eco-responsibility, to ensure that this little piece of paradise remains so for a long time.

The Most Beautiful Lake In The World Is Also The Most Deadly The Most Beautiful Lake In The World Is Also The Most Deadly