This Company Is Offering Up To 3 Months Paid Leave A Year So Employees Can ‘Make The Most Of Life’

In Australia, the financial firm Ernst & Young is offering its employees three months leave per year. A new measure aiming to develop loyalty among and retain their employees.

Having three months (paid) holiday leave a year, tempted? Then you should hand your CV in to Ernst & Young. Or to be more specific, to the Australian financial auditing and advice firm, that will soon be offering its employees ‘life leave’, as The Independent reported on Monday 18th March,

Their goal: employees at the company will be able to claim 12 weeks paid holiday leave every year that they can take consecutively. For Kate Hillman, people partner for Ernst & Young Oceania, this decision is responding to a need of their youngest employees.

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‘By next year, 80% of EY’s workforce across the globe will be millennials, so this is a particularly significant consideration for us,’ she said before claiming that ‘millennials are also driving demand for flexibility as their preference for diverse and stimulating career experiences overrides traditional workplace structures and timelines.’

With this new incentive, Ernst & Young hopes to develop loyalty among their young employees, even if they will have to do without them for three months of the year. This new policy will come into effect on 1st April this year.

Anna Wilkins
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