This Bar Is Every Mermaid Fan's Dream Destination

This Bar Is Every Mermaid Fan's Dream Destination

Welcome to the Sip 'n Dip mermaid bar. Here you can enjoy great cocktails while admiring mermaids swimming in the water…

Have you always been a fan of Ariel, the Little Mermaid? Then head to the United States, to have an extraordinary experience. Located in Great Falls, Montana, this bar called Sip 'n Dip is your dream come true.

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You can enjoy cocktails there and obviously the ‘Fishbowl’ has been THE iconic drink of the establishment since 1997. We recommend you order it! But you can also have brunch there with friends.

However, there’s more. The establishment is equipped with a swimming pool, which looks like a huge aquarium in which 6 mermaids swim around! This is a real physical exercise for these young women who have a fishtail instead of legs…!

The experience is unique and the bar was awarded the first prize in the category ‘This Bar is Worth the Flight’ in 2003 by GQ magazine!

So... who’s thirsty?

Check out the video above for a peek at this incredible bar... 

Rob Mitchell
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