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Passengers On A Flight To Germany Accidentally Land... In Scotland

They were planning to land in Germany, but passengers on a London-Düsseldorf flight were surprised to find that they had in fact landed... in Edinburgh. A funny disappointment that they owe to an error on the part of the company that transported them.

When flying to a targeted destination, you don't usually expect to land at a different location. Except in the case of passengers transported by WDL Aviation who, this week, were on a flight from London to Düsseldorf, Germany, but landed in Scotland!

When they were preparing for landing, the pilot announced that they had arrived at their destination... Edinburgh! A location which works out to be a whopping 800km from their desired destination, and in the opposit direction, no doubt!

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According to an internal investigation, WDL Aviation, the company that was responsible for this flight on behalf of British Airways, made an error in preparing its flight plan. Having been made aware of his blunder, the German airline immediately attempted to reconcile the matter. After being refueled with kerosene, the plane took off again, this time to land in Düsseldorf...just three and a half hours late.

By Ruby Smith
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