Jetting Off Somewhere This Winter? Studies Say This Is The Best Place To Sit During The Flight

Despite the fact that your seat number is usually allocated automatically unless you pay extra, a survey carried out by the flight comparison site Skyscanner suggests that travellers do in fact have a favourite seat.

The front, middle or back of the plane, window seat or corridor seat… Everyone has their own opinion in terms of their favourite seat on a plane. And yet, travellers seem, for the most part, to agree on their favourite seat. The price comparison site for plane tickets, Skyscanner, questioned 1000 passengers about their preferences in a study that also looked at the influence of even or odd as well as ‘lucky’ numbers.

And the winning number is 6A

After going through all the responses, the winning and preferred seat for travellers is 6A! Other studies have confirmed this information and revealed that passengers prefer the first 6 rows. Even on holiday, we always want to be the off the plane first!

Another piece of data from this survey is that most people prefer sitting by a window, with 60% choosing this option. Only 1% of those involved in the study like to be in the middle of the aircraft even if it’s not the most comfortable place.

And if there is a most wanted seat, there is surely a most hated seat too and the most unpopular happens to be number 31E, in the middle of the row, right at the back of the plane.

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