He Came Up With The Best Solution To Ryanair's New Baggage Rules

Since Ryanair has changed its terms and conditions again, there is no longer any way for the company to carry cabin baggage for free. But wait, this traveller has come up with an ingenious solution to get around the problem.

Since November 1st, passengers boarding Ryanair planes have to pay a few extra fees if they want to carry cabin luggage with them. In fact, the Irish airline has just changed its rules which now mean that even suitcases that once fulfilled their weight and size restrictions no longer travel for free.

Needless to say, this measure did not please Ryanair customers, who took to the internet to complain about it. One of them is Lee Cemino, who found a way to circumvent this rule and save £8. This British regular customer had the ingenious idea to make a custom jacket to carry all his belongings on him instead of putting them in a suitcase.

After picking up an old coat, the young man brought it to a tailor's workshop to create a tote. Lee Cemino added multiple internal pockets in the coat's lining so that, in the end, he could carry almost 10 kilos of luggage. Anxious to test his new invention, he then traveled to Manchester Airport to catch a Ryanair flight to Belfast.

To his surprise, the security check went perfectly and Lee was able to cross the security gate without triggering any alarms. 'I felt ridiculous but no one noticed anything. If you have to travel for only a day or two, you do not have to pay for luggage,' said the young man. He's rather proud of his trick.

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