Are Hotel Room Sheets Really Changed For Every New Client?

Are Hotel Room Sheets Really Changed For Every New Client?

Usually, hotel staff must change the sheets with each new guest’s arrival... But is this instruction always followed to the letter?

Are the hotels we stay in during our vacation really clean? This is a question we have all asked ourselves one day upon arriving in our room. And without being paranoid, we must admit that we can have unpleasant surprises... As for example this man who found a note in the sheets, indicating that they had not been changed. But is this a common practice?

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An Inside Edition team conducted an investigation in a New York upscale facility. To do this, the team booked a room and used a spray on the sheets only visible through an ultraviolet lamp to write the words ‘I slept here’. The hotel staff could not see this message with the naked eye.

The team then left the room leaving the bed undone and an accomplice booked the same room for the next night. By checking with the UV lamp, the message appeared again, indicating that the sheets were the same ones from the previous client...

The hotel seems to be of a fairly high standard, which proves that we must not trust appearances and that dishonesty and lack of hygiene are present everywhere. And you, have you already had doubts about the cleanliness of the sheets when reserving a room?

Emma Jensen
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