A German Hotel Is Banning Overweight Guests Over Fear They'll 'Ruin the Furniture'

As lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus are eased and people are starting to get back to doing the things they used to do, measures have been set in place that change the way we do those things. However, one Hotel isn't stopping there.

The Beachhotel in Sahlenburg, Germany is looking forward to having patrons back for the summer season, as the lockdown is ending they are getting ready to open their doors to all would-be beachgoers. However, there is a group in particular that won't be welcome.

It turns out that if you way in excess of 130 kilograms (286 lbs) you are not welcome to stay at the hotel. You need to be under that weight in order to be permitted to stay, unfortunately, overweight clientele will not be accepted.

This is seen by some as a major hit to the body positivity movement, and even to anti-discrimination efforts for all persons, however, the operator of the hotel, Angelika Hargesheimer, stands by her convictions.

Management at the hotel made a statement regarding the restrictions:

For reasons of liability, we would like to point out that the interior is not suitable for people with a body weight of more than 130 kg.

Apparently the hotel's design furniture is too sensitive and cannot support the weight of anyone over 130kg. In an interview with a German media outlet, Hargesheimer detailed that at one point an overweight guest that had been staying at the hotel broke the bed in the room in which they were staying and she's not keen on having it happen again.

While some might think this move to be illegal, according to a legal expert interviewed by Bild they stated it would only become a legal matter if the persons being discriminated against were disabled. Unfortunately, it looks like anyone over 130 kilos will have to look for another destination.

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