10 Incredible Countries You Should Visit In 2019

Want to have a good year in 2019? The best solution is to travel, and we want to help you choose your destination with this top 10.

Lastminute revealed the trendiest places to travel to for successful trip in 2019. For some of these destinations, there is no need to go far to enjoy yourself.


If you are passionate about history and food, Italy is the country for you. The capital, Rome, is a like a museum the size of a city. Florence illustrates the glory of the Italian Renaissance, Milan will amaze you, Venice is breathtaking.


Another country steeped in history with its ruins of antiquity, the Parthenon and the temples across this beautiful nation. But there's more than just continental Greece. Its islands are heavenly and offer postcard-worthy landscapes.


A beautiful country with low prices, Tunisia is perfect to enjoy without spending too much. The possibilities are endless: You can take it easy on the beaches of Djerba, or you can play it sporty by riding an ATV in the desert, South of the country. And why not go see some Star Wars movie sets?


Between Asia and Europe, Turkey is a true crossroads of cultures and civilizations. The Hagia Sophia Basilica in Istanbul is probably one of the most beautiful monuments in the world, and the complex history of the country makes a vacation there all the more exciting.


If Greek and Roman antiquity are not old enough for you, go to Egypt to see 4600-year-old pyramids or the 3000-year-old Luxor Temple. The Red Sea is also an ideal place for scuba diving.


Cuba is opening up more and more to the world while keeping an exotic authenticity. Havana is filled with old, colorful American cars and lives to the rhythm of the music. Salsa is only a result of what makes this country: The kindness of the people, a rich and exciting culture, in a perfect climate for the holidays.


If you are not a fan of 5-star hotels and sunbathing on the beach, Kenya is the perfect destination. You will be able to see lions, giraffes and elephants while respecting them in their natural habitat. Landscapes will bring tears to your eyes and your photos will never be as beautiful as your memories.


Pass the French Pyrenees and you'll land in a country that rhymes with perfect holidays. Andalusia and its unique culture will disorient you. In Barcelona, the nightlife and good weather will give you unforgettable memories, and the Balearic Islands will allow you to sunbathe before partying.

Cape Verde

A preserved nature of human activities is almost impossible to find. Yet in Cape Verde, it is impossible not to be surprised by the beautiful landscape. This magical country is influenced by African and European cultures at the same time, and that leaves no one indifferent.


The culture and history of Vietnam are very complex. Some architecture is reminiscent of French charm, but also a difficult past for the country. The Mekong is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, running through Thailand, Laos and Burma. The rice fields seem to come out of a movie. It may be far, but we promise Vietnam is worth the trip.

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