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This Man Has Turned Himself Into A Living Doll - But Claims He's Never Had Surgery

This Japanese man looks just like a porcelain doll. The surprising thing is that the young man claims that he’s never undergone plastic surgery.

Lots of people are calling him the Ken doll lookalike. Step aside Rodrigo Alves, the man who put everything into becoming a spitting image of the doll, in the race to be Ken, allow us to present Matt Kuwata, a young 25-year-old man who claims he has never gone under the knife to achieve his amazing Ken doll look!

A makeup artist

Matt Kuwata’s secret for looking like a doll is makeup. This young man is a true makeup enthusiast and is said to be a real artist in the field. He posts lots of content on social media about how he cares for his skin and face and how he does his makeup.

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In order to get the perfect and completely smooth skin tone, he does it all using foundation and highlighters to get this porcelain doll face. Okay, he admits that he uses filters on Instagram, but that hasn’t stopped his 18,000 followers from being blown away by the result!

Check out the video above to see more of Matt - including what he looked like before...

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