Her transition from groom to bride will leave you stunned

Megan Bound had never felt comfortable in her body and in September 2017 she finally began her transition to become a woman.

Megan, from Philadelphia in the USA, shared her incredible transformation on Reddit with pictures showing how she had gone from groomsman to bridesmaid in under a year.

Not only did Megan undergo hormone replacement therapy in order to transition from male to female, she also decided to make some changes to her lifestyle to lose almost half her bodyweight.

Growing up in the wrong body

Megan told Unilad that she never felt like she 'fit in' with her brothers or other guys, feeling more comfortable around girls. From a young age she enjoyed dressing up in her mum's clothes and makeup - but all in private.

According to Megan, growing up she 'didn't know what transgender was' and once she found out about it she spent years fighting with herself before accepting who she was and starting her transition.


She began her transition in September 2017 and at the same time embarked upon a weight-loss journey - eating healthier, home-cooked meals and going running five times a week.

She was still afraid to come out to her family even after starting her transition but in October she turned to a close friend whom she thought would be accepting. After receiving support from her closest friends and family, Megan came out publicly in November 2017 and hasn't looked back.

Although Megan says she has lost some friendships since coming out, the majority of her friends and family have been supportive and she told Unilad: 'I’m happier and more comfortable with myself than I have been in my entire life.'

Take a look at the video above to see Megan's inspirational transformation...

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