Does This Woman Really Have The Most Beautiful Body In The World?

• Emma Jensen
Aleira Avendano wears a corset every day in order to have a waist this thin
This is what her figure looked like following her four breast enlargements
Aleira Avendano before
Aleira Avendano was already ‘perfect’ before her cosmetic surgeries
Aleira Avendano’s buttocks do not look natural at all

Aleira Avendano reckons she has the most beautiful body in the world. She's spent thousands on plastic surgery to achieve the extreme figure but it's not to everyone's taste...

Aleira Avendano is a 26-year-old woman who claims to have the perfect figure. More specifically, her chest and buttocks which are quite impressive to say the least. To reach this physical goal, the young woman underwent four breast enlargements, two rhinoplasties and she even wears a corset every day. The results are quite strange…